Chicken Soup with lots of Vegetables

My granddaughter Carly got really sick with a viral infection so, I made her some chicken soup. It’s really easy to make and is believed to have healing properties. Even so, a good bowl of homemade soup makes everyone feel better.

Below is the basics. I use organic where ever possible. You can add whatever vegetables your family likes and vary the amounts to your taste. This recipe is more of a guideline. You can replace the starch from the potatoes with barley, rice, noodles or your favorite grain.

Chicken Soup is tonic for a sick grandaugther

Chicken Soup is tonic for a sick grandaugther

This recipe makes a large pot of soup.  About 4 quarts.

Chicken Soup with Vegetables


2 tbsp Olive oil
1 lb Chicken – use the meat you like. In this soup I used thighs and tenders
2 Leeks - wash and chop
1 Onion – diced
4 Stalks Celery – sliced – leaves included- Today I made this without celery, because, while I love celery. Carly...not so much.
Garlic- chopped – for this soup, since everyone was sick so, I bumped up the garlic to 10 cloves
4 Carrots sliced – I wash my carrots, but I don’t peel them
6 small to 4 large – Potatoes - about 3 cups - washed and cubed
½ Head of green cabbage chopped  
2 Boxes Chicken broth
1 tsp dried Thyme
4” Sprig of fresh rosemary or 1 1/2 tsp dried
Salt + Pepper to taste
Parsley to garnish - I use flat leaf or Italian Parsley chopped


Cook the chicken in the oil in a Dutch oven or large heavy bottomed pot as directed below. Once the chicken is cooked remove it from the pan and add the leeks and onions, sauté until they are soft. Add the garlic and herbs and sauté for a few minutes. Once the chicken has cooled cut it the into cubes. For added nutrition you can break or crack the bones and add the large pieces into to the soup. Remove bones before serving. Add the chicken broth and bones while stirring to incorporate the caramelized bits on the bottom of the pan into the broth. Add the carrot and potatoes. When the soup has come to a boil reduce the heat, add the cubed chicken and cabbage then simmer until the vegetables are cooked. Toss a handful of chopped parsley just before serving. Parsley is rich in vitamin K, C and A

How I cook chicken: Heat the oil on medium in a heavy bottomed pot/pan. I use a Dutch oven, especially, if I’m going to make soup. Salt and pepper the chicken on both sides. When the is hot put the chicken in the pan skin side up. Let it cook for 12 minutes, then turn it over and cook for another 12 minutes Put a lid on the pan, turn the heat off and let the chicken be for another 12 minutes.  For bone-in chicken cook for 15 minutes each side and rest for 15. The chicken should be completely cooked, tender and moist. The trick is not to fuss with the chicken.

Leeks add a distinct flavor and texture to any soup and many dishes.

Leeks add a distinct flavor and texture to any soup and many dishes.